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Tips for Promoting Diversity and Equity

As an employer, you have the power to make a real difference in the world of recruitment. It’s not just about finding the right talent; it’s about finding the right talent for everyone. At Levels Recruitment, powered by Sigma Polaris, we’re on a mission to transform the hiring landscape, and we want to share some valuable tips to help you create a more diverse and equitable recruitment process.

1. Craft Inclusive Job Descriptions:

Let’s start at the beginning – your job descriptions. Think of them as your first handshake with potential candidates. Make sure it’s a warm and welcoming one. Use language that invites everyone to apply, and avoid gendered terms, jargon, or idioms that might exclude anyone. Showcase your commitment to diversity and inclusion in your job descriptions, letting candidates know that your organization is dedicated to creating a welcoming environment for all. At Levels Recruitment, we live and breathe this commitment by supporting free top-tier training for underrepresented individuals. It’s not just about job openings; it’s about opening doors for everyone.

2. Counter the “Just Like Me” Bias:

We all tend to connect with people who remind us of ourselves, but that can lead to bias in hiring. Break the mould by recognising the immense value that diversity brings to your organization. Our AI-driven approach at Levels Recruitment ensures that bias has no place in the hiring process. With Sigma Polaris, we eliminate an average of 29 biases per hire, making your recruitment process more equitable than ever.

3. Level the Playing Field During Video Interviews:

In today’s world, virtual interviews are the norm. But not everyone has the same access to technology or the ideal interview space at home. Make sure your video interviews are fair by providing candidates with video interview best practices, including tips on lighting and audio. At Levels, we understand the importance of a level playing field, and we offer candidates the option of a phone interview or an online call with video off if they prefer. It’s all about creating an inclusive environment where every candidate can shine.

4. Use Standardised Questions:

Consistency is key to reducing bias. Standardise your interview process by asking each candidate the same set of questions in the same order. This not only reduces bias but also ensures that every candidate has a fair opportunity to showcase their skills. At Levels Recruitment, we believe in fairness by asking the right questions and eliminating those that could introduce bias.

5. Focus on Capabilities, Not Just Experience:

Sometimes, the best fit for a role isn’t the candidate with the most experience but the one with the right capabilities. Shift your focus from specific experience to problem-solving skills, creativity, and adaptability. Ask candidates how they would approach tasks, allowing you to evaluate their potential to think creatively and adapt to new challenges.

6. Utilise Work Samples:

For an objective assessment of a candidate’s skills, consider using work sample tests. These tests allow candidates to demonstrate their abilities by solving problems similar to what they’ll encounter in the job. It’s a fair way to evaluate skills without introducing bias. At Levels Recruitment, we’re all about finding the right talent for the right place, and work samples are a fantastic way to achieve that.

So, as an employer, you can reshape the future of hiring. Start by implementing these tips to create a more diverse and equitable recruitment process. But why stop there? Join Levels Recruitment and be part of a movement that’s reshaping the future of hiring. Register your interest today, and let’s make recruitment a fair and fruitful experience for everyone!

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