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Levels Recruitment is powered by Sigma Polaris

Sigma Polaris is a state-of-the-art AI profiling technology, refined with experts from the Universities of Bristol and Copenhagen, to understand candidates’ strengths and shortlist for particular roles.

Our AI-driven platform supports companies in identifying top talent in a standardised and equitable way while removing unconscious bias.

Great Talent Comes In All Shapes and Sizes
Great talent comes in all shapes and sizes - our AI finds it

Expand your talent reach with data, not bias. Using research from the Universities of Bristol and Copenhagen, our AI assesses candidates based on skills, not just CVs. Find top talent by their true capabilities.

Eliminate Bias From The Top Of The Recruitment Funnel
Eliminate bias from the top of the recruitment funnel

Bias affects recruitment, impacting decision quality and DEI. Our tech, backed by data, removes 29 biases per hire on average. With Sigma Polaris, recruiters get detailed candidate insights for informed interviews. Transition from mere screening to a comprehensive, data-driven selection.

Find The Right Pieces For Your Employment Puzzle
Find the right pieces for your employment puzzle

We match more than skills – we align work preferences to roles. Ensure ideators, team players, and risk-takers fit perfectly in their environments. It’s about the right talent in the right place.

AI Ranking
AI Ranking

The applicants are ranked and profiled according to how close they are to your ideal applicant profile.

Uniquely prioritising your needs. Without bias.


Ready to join the new way of recruiting?


Ready to match your skills with the right job?

Levels Recruitment – Recruitment Agency in Croydon

Are you seeking candidates for an open position? Let us help. Levels Recruitment Agency offers AI-powered recruitment solutions for attracting and retaining the best talent.

At Levels Recruitment Agency, we are at the forefront of AI assessment recruitment. This involves using AI technology to identify job applicants that best match your needs, eliminating the risk of unconscious bias and non-objective decision-making.

As a leading employment agency, Levels Recruitment Agency also helps job seekers obtain the skills to thrive in their chosen fields. We can help individuals get training and develop their talents.

For business owners, recruiters, and HR staff, find the right candidate for any position with help from an experienced recruitment agency in Croydon. Contact the team at Levels Recruitment today.

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Levels Recruitment – AI Removal Bias & AI Assessment Recruitment in Croydon

Levels Recruitment is the only local agency offering AI removal bias in Croydon. AI assessment recruitment is one of the latest solutions to harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI). It provides a unique approach to hiring with many advantages for businesses across all industries.

AI assists unconscious bias by evaluating prospective job candidates based on their experience and qualifications instead of age, gender, or race.

About Us at Levels Recruitment

Levels Recruitment is an employment agency offering AI-assisted services for employers and potential employees. Whether you are searching for a job or looking for a qualified candidate, we can help. View our blog for more insight. You can also contact us at Levels Recruitment to discuss your employment needs.

Contact us today for more information!

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